AJ Sung


Durham University - Durhack 2019

1st Place Winner (133 of teams)

Created an ML tensorflow.js app, Vhysio, to enable accessible physiotherapy for the Visually Impaired.


Microsoft Imagine Cup EMEA 2020 Finals

Runner Up (100s of teams)

My team was selected to be one of the top 10 international teams to participate in the Regional Finals (Europe, Middle-East and Africa). We represented the UK and won the runners up prize.


Cambridge University - Hack Cambridge 2020

Microsoft Challenge Runners Up (249 teams)

Created an NLP web app, Read.io, to provide fresh, personalised reading content using services on Microsoft Azure.


Shooting Particles

A fun interactive particle simulator created using the p5.js Javascript library.


AJ's Notes

I created using Kotlin an AS-level Chemistry revision app on Android called 'AJ's Notes’.


GCP Certifications

Associate Cloud Engineer

Professional Cloud Architect

Professional Cloud Developer